What sneakers are best for men?

Sneakers are for men.

It seems obvious to most people, but they’re not the only thing men wear.

And while men and women can wear pretty much anything, what’s your personal favorite pair of sneakers?

What about sneakers for your favorite job?

Find out in this quiz.1.

What are your favorite sneakers?2.

What shoes do you like to wear on the job?3.

What sneakers do you wear on your off days?4.

Do you have any other footwear?5.

Which sneakers do men wear?6.

What’s your favorite style of shoe?7.

How do you feel about sneakers?8.

Are there any other shoes that you like?9.

What other footwear do you love?10.

What is your favorite type of shoe, and why?11.

Which shoes do men prefer?12.

Which other shoes do women prefer?13.

Which is your personal top shoe?14.

What about other shoes?15.

Do men or women wear different types of shoes?16.

What kind of shoes do both sexes wear?17.

What type of shoes are men and ladies more likely to wear?18.

What kinds of shoes can women wear?19.

What types of styles of shoes is the most common style?20.

What sort of shoes does men wear with other shoes, and what kind of footwear do women wear with them?21.

Do guys and girls wear the same kinds of footwear?22.

What do you think of men and girls wearing shoes differently?23.

Are shoes men’s best friends, or do women and girls like them better?24.

Which types of footwear are most popular among men and boys, and which types are more popular among women?25.

Which are your top shoes?26.

Do women wear shoes with skirts, or men wear ones with flats?27.

What does it mean to wear a dress shoe?28.

What if your boss told you you couldn’t wear your favorite pair?29.

Do boys and girls want to wear shoes on the same day, or are they more likely do?30.

Do shoes have a specific purpose, or is it just a preference?31.

What style of shoes have you found most stylish?32.

How many pairs of shoes, if any, do you own?

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