Trump’s ‘Trump’ sneakers are a hit with women

The new Trump sneakers are going to go down as one of the most popular shoes in the world, according to a new study.

The sneakers are designed by men and women and sold at retailers across the country, with a focus on women.

The Trump brand is named after the real estate mogul, who has made his name in the business.

It was named after former President Ronald Reagan’s shoes.

McDonald’s is one of several major retailers to sell Trump sneakers, with its popular Red sneakers Men, a new Trump line, launching on March 5.

It’s made of high-end materials and comes with a leather upper.

The new line includes the Trump Trump McQueen sneakers.

McQueen has a “Make America Great Again” logo and is made from premium leather.

The brand is available at select McDonald’s restaurants and at its retail stores.

McDona’s, meanwhile, is selling the Trump sneakers in all of its restaurants, including a handful in the U.S.

A new report from the Consumerist magazine, however, found that the sneakers are selling very poorly in the retail world, even as sales of other Trump products continue to rise.

The study found that while the Red sneakers have been the most successful line of footwear for men, sales of the McQueens have not been as strong.

McLean, which was founded in the 1980s, is known for its “American exceptionalism,” according to the report.

McKesson has also made an effort to reach out to women, offering them free sneakers and coupons.

McLaren’s shoes have been an especially popular choice among women, according the report, as women are more likely to shop at restaurants where the brand has stores.

Lorenzo, a spokesman for McDonald’s, said that while they have made efforts to reach women, the company has been disappointed by the results of the study.

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