How to shop for women’s shoes that are a little more timeless

Men’s shoes are the next logical step in a growing trend toward more classic footwear.

But there are plenty of men’s shoes you could easily ditch to create a stylish wardrobe.

Here are 10 women’s sneakers that are both classic and timeless.


Chanel Vintage: A little black and white in color, Chanel’s Vintage Collection kicks off with an all-black silhouette.

The line’s black suede upper is complemented by the iconic logo embroidered on the heel and inside of the cuffs.

This shoe is available in three sizes: XS (Slightly Large), S (Medium), and M (Large).


Nike Air Force 1: Nike’s Air Force series has been the most popular shoe in the world for more than 20 years.

Its silhouette is simple, with a dark green tongue and heel.

This one is available as an XS or M, and is priced at $140.


NMD-10: NMD is the only shoe on this list that comes in both women’s and men’s sizes.

The classic NMD name is featured on the tongue and inside heel.

Its black suedea upper features a bold design, and comes in a range of sizes.


Puma Classic: This shoe makes the cut because of its classic look.

The Puma collection features a classic silhouette, a solid toe and toe box, and a subtle black tongue.

It is available for $140 in women’s sizes, $160 in men’s, and $190 in sneakers.


Yeezy Boost: This pair of Yeezys is also one of the best sneakers on this short list.

The sneaker’s iconic silhouette has been crafted from black suedee.

The toe box is made from a classic, suede outsole.

The black tongue is also featured on this pair.


D.O.C. Boot: The boot on this shoe is just as classic as its name.

It’s made of black suedeed.

This style is available with a black toe box and a black tongue, and retails for $80.

7. Shoes like these are a great way to dress up your style without breaking the bank.

For this collection, Shoe Babe has you in three different colors.

The blue is available, the white is available only in women, and the red is available exclusively in men.


Nike HyperAdapt: Nike has a great sneaker collection with a lot of classics, but it has one classic that isn’t part of the HyperAdapt line.

The shoe is called the Nike HyperBreeze.

It comes in four different colors: black, grey, red, and white.


Nike Freestyle 2: Nike also has a sneaker that’s classic, and it’s called the Freestyle.

This sneaker has the classic silhouette with a white tongue.

The toes and cuffs are also black suedebos.


Nike SB Dunk: This is the second of Nike’s sneaker collaborations with ShoeGirl, the company that makes the Nike SB.

Nike’s SB Dunk is a shoe with a classic look, and Nike is also releasing a collaboration with her on April 10.


Yeezys 2.0: Yeezies are arguably the most iconic sneakers in the men’s shoe market, and they’re also one that’s timeless.


0 is the most classic pair of sneakers on the list, but the brand has a collection of shoes that have been updated since the early 1990s.


Sneaker Bags: The Yeezus 2.2 collection includes three different styles of sneakers that come in different sizes.

These are the Yeezy 2.1, 2.3, and 2.4.


Nike Zoom F: This sneak is one of those sneakers that can be worn in different colors with different designs.

The Nike Zoom has a classic heel and tongue.


Nike LeBron James III: LeBron James is one-half of the NBA duo that includes Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade.

The LeBron James 3.0 has a modern, futuristic silhouette with suede and suede-toe box.


Shure K701: This headphone is a classic.

It has a subtle design, a classic tongue, a black heel, and black heel-cushion.


Kia Optima: Kia’s Optima headphones are a staple of the high-end luxury market.

The Optima comes in three colors, black, red and white, and can be purchased in black or red.


Nike Kobe Bryant 3.1: This classic shoe is made of suede leather and has a white toe box.


Yves Saint Laurent: The Saint Laurent collection has a lot in common with the classic Nike Kobe.

It features a black

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