Adidas unveils new black adizero shoes, fitflop shoes,Kobe shoes

Adidas has unveiled its latest collection of black sneakers, fitfloop sneakers and Kobe shoes, with the first two arriving in the UK this week.

The adidas Originals black adiZero 4 and adidas X-Fit 4 sneakers, which retail for £199 and £199.99 respectively, are set to hit UK stores on April 14th.

The sneakers feature a unique fit and feel in the heel, and feature a soft grey sole, black heel cap, black stripe accents on the upper and midsole and a metallic black colour on the outsole.

The Adidas Originals X-FIT 4 shoe, meanwhile, will be available in four colour options, black, silver, blue and white.

Adidas Origines adidas Zoom 4 shoeThe Adidas Origination adidas ZOOM 4 shoe is set to debut in the spring, with a retail price of £199 for the grey, black and white version.

The shoe features a design inspired by the Adidas Origiators adidas Pro Zoom, a shoe with a minimalist, high-tech construction.

It’s made of a leather and rubber upper, and a black upper that runs from heel to toe.

The shoe is constructed with a midsole, heel cap and a rubber footbed for support.

The ZOom 4 shoe will be priced at £199 in the US and £249 in Europe, while the adidas Ultra Boost 4 will be offered for $249 in the United States and $299 in Europe.

The Nike Zoom 4, which is set for release on April 15th, is set in the same construction, with an innovative leather upper and a lightweight sole.

It features a flexible, high heel, leather midsole with an elastic mesh at the heel for added support.

It is made of rubber, leather and polyurethane and is available for $299.99 in the USA and $349.99 worldwide.

The Adidas Zoom 4 and Nike Zoom 5 are set for launch on April 17th in the Americas, and April 18th in Europe and the Middle East.

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