The men’s footwear of 2018

The men have their work cut out for them, and their most comfortable sneakers may have been voted the most comfortable in the latest survey.

According to the latest edition of the ‘Trends in Footwear’ report, men’s sneakers have seen their share of growth, while the women’s have seen an even bigger jump.

The report was released in November, and features over 200 brands and retailers.

The survey was carried out by Footwear Intelligence and was conducted by Foot Locker and Footwear Research.

The survey has more than 200 brands, including Foot Locks, Nike, ASOS, NikeLab and FootLocker.

While the survey did not list a winner, it revealed that the most fashionable men’s shoes in 2018 were by a wide margin: “The most comfortable men’s shoe in the UK was by far the men’s pair of Foot Lock’s Fila sneakers.

Its comfortable, supportive design is matched by its light weight, comfortable and long-lasting durability.”

The study said that the men have also taken to the men-only footwear category, with the Fila Shoe brand seeing its share of the top 10, followed by NikeLab’s Foot Locking Fila Shoes.

The Top 10 Most Comfortable Men’s Shoes 2018The most comfy men’s men’s sneaker is by far, Nike’s Farais, which have seen its share rise from 14th to 10th spot, according to the report.

The men are also happy to be wearing the latest shoe from the top five brands, according the report, with Adidas’s Yeezy Boost and Nike’s Air Force 1 taking the top spots, with Foot LOCK’s Fira sneakers at the bottom of the list.

The Foot Locked Fila is also popular with the women, with its comfortable design and high-quality materials, according Foot Luggage’s report.

The men’s most comfortable shoes are made of leather, with a lightweight weight and breathability, and the best of the best comes from ASOS and ASOSLab.

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