When you’re feeling down, try this: Olive green sneakers

If you’re a fan of sneakers that are made with recycled materials, you may want to consider investing in one of these.

A recent survey by Urban Outfitters found that consumers have a higher level of trust in these sneakers.

“If you have a pair of Nike running shoes that you have no doubt about, but the one you want is made with reclaimed materials, I would definitely consider buying that,” said Kelly Johnson, co-founder of the Urban Outlet brand.

The shoes are also eco-friendly.

“The Nike Air Max 1 is made from recycled materials,” said Johnson.

“And that’s why I said it’s a Nike Air model.”

According to Johnson, there are three types of reclaimed materials that are used in the sneaker world: synthetic rubber, rubber rubber and polyester.

“We’re all familiar with those, and then there are natural rubber materials like bamboo or cedar that are also recycled,” said John Janssen, the CEO of Urban Outlets.

These recycled materials are often used in products like Nike’s PowerWear and Nike’s Flyknit, which are made from natural rubber.

According to Jansnessen, those products are eco-conscious because they are made of rubber, which is a source of water, which makes them more water-efficient.

“When you’re looking at those, it’s more of a renewable resource than a fossil fuel,” said Jansson.

In other words, they’re eco-safe.

“So you’re not just looking at the energy that’s used, you’re also looking at water, and the water in your water source is a renewable source,” said Jilli Williams, the founder and CEO of The Good Men Project, an organization that supports men who have lost their jobs due to automation and outsourcing.

Williams, who was born in New Zealand and moved to Canada when she was 8, said she first heard about the Nike Air PowerWears when she went to her local store to pick up a pair.

“I was just so excited to see it because it was a real brand,” said Williams.

“But then I went to the store and it was made from rubber.

And that was pretty shocking.

It just was a really surprising thought to me.”

When asked if she ever thought about investing in sneakers made with natural rubber, Williams said she was hesitant.

“No, I’ve never thought about that because I think we all know the impact of the manufacturing process on the environment and the way we’re doing things now.”

But when asked if it was something she would consider doing, Williams replied: “I’m definitely open to it, but it’s going to be a long process.”

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