The first-ever childs shoe sale with an exclusive teddy bear in it!

Silver sneakers and shoes are sold on eBay for more than $1,000 on an exclusive Black Teddie Bear.

The Black Teadie Bear is the first time a childrens shoe has ever sold for more on the site, and it’s a rare find for anyone to see. 

The teddy bears were originally sold at a children’s fashion show in London in 2018.

They were then sold online, and the shoes are now on eBay. 

Teddie bears are very rare items, and they’re also sold online. 

But this is the only teddy that has ever been sold for a profit on the eBay site, so it’s one of the rarest. 

“It’s an iconic and highly sought-after piece,” says Paul McVicar, head of sales for the UK-based shoe retailer, Sainsbury’s. 

He says it is sold for $1.8m, a huge amount for a teddy.

“There’s a very big demand for it, and people are looking for it,” he said. 

McVicamar says the sale has sold for almost $1m. 

There are many different models of teddies out there, and he says the one you are looking at is a rare and special teddy from a special era in the history of the brand. 

It’s also a very popular item for men, with people choosing it as their first pair of shoes for their sons, and women choosing it for their daughters. 

You can see more of the shoes on eBay here. 

Image: Sainsburys, via Getty “We’re always looking for a new way to bring children’s brands to the forefront and to inspire children,” said McVillar. 

Sainsburys are also selling a range of Black Teddy Bear accessories, including a t-shirt with a child’s name on it, a tshirt with their initials on it and a teddie with the Sainsburns logo on it. 

On the flip side, the shoes you are seeing on eBay today are not available on the Sainbury’s website, so you’ll have to find a way to buy them online.

“We love it when people come in and buy the products we’re selling on eBay,” said James Smith, head UK sales manager at Sainsbreads. 

This is a very special moment for the brand, he said, and now we can be part of it.

“There are a number of children’s shoes that are selling online, but this is one of them.”

Image: Twitter/SainsburiesUK, via Business Insider

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