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By Chris DolanThe American ConservativeNewly released audio of the final conversation between the Republican nominee for president and Donald Trump during the Republican National Convention, in which the presumptive nominee expressed disdain for the media, shows that the Republican candidate’s words were meant to intimidate his opponent.

In the recording, Trump told Trump: I don’t need the media because they’re fake news.

I don, I don.

They make up stuff.

They don’t know anything.

They’re the enemy of the people, I’m telling you.

I will be honest, you know that.

And I will tell you this, because you know what?

If they want to say anything about me, then I will say anything.

I don’t care if it’s good or bad, I will do it.

Trump continued: And that is why they don’t like me.

Because I will always stand up for the people and they don, you can take my word for it.

In the recording obtained by The American Thinker, Trump’s final words were: If they are going to say bad things about me — and that is a big, big if, by the way — then I’ll do it too.

Trump’s campaign has said that he did not know of the tape.

But the audio, obtained by CNN, suggests that Trump did indeed tell the nominee that the media were “fake news.”

According to the recording released by CNN and shared by The Associated Press, Trump said: I think they’re a very dishonest media.

And if you have a group of people who are lying, and they want you to go out there and bash them, then it’s very, very hard for me to win.

And you know, the fact is, it’s the press that gets in the way of the truth.

And it’s a lot of people, and it’s fake news, too.

The audio shows Trump’s words in direct contradiction to what he said during the first debate, when he said, “The media is dishonest, but the American people know it.”

Trump told Trump on Thursday: “You’re a dishonest press.

I’m saying that to my face.”

In the first Democratic debate, the GOP nominee, Hillary Clinton, did not address the tape, but instead called it a “distraction” and said, “…the press is out to get me.

They are trying to get my supporters to think that I’m not honest and truthful, but they’re just wrong.”

In a statement, Trump denied any “false equivalence” between the press and his supporters, and said the media has “fled from the country, but has stayed in Washington and is not happy.”

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