‘The Hunger Games’ movie trilogy may be out by year’s end – but what’s the title of the next instalment?

A new movie about the dystopian world of the dystopian “The Hunger Game” franchise may be inching closer to its November release date.

The film, which will be directed by Brad Bird, is slated for a November 2017 release, and according to THR it will star Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon, Liam Hemsworth and Oscar Isaac.

“It’s not a prequel.

It’s not even a prequels,” said Bird.

“This is a movie that will have the Hunger Games in 2020.

It has everything.

It will have a sequel, a third, and the fourth.

The film is set in a world where, like in the books, everyone in the world is forced to starve. “

And I think that’s the future of cinema.”

The film is set in a world where, like in the books, everyone in the world is forced to starve.

In the movie, the protagonist is the only one who can escape.

But the film also explores the concept of “bias” in the Hunger games, with characters being forced to survive in certain ways.

It is also set in the year 2036, and while the title is a reference to the novel trilogy, the plot has no immediate ties to the novels.

It does, however, tie into the story of Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of the novels who escapes her prison in the novel, and returns to live in a fictional city called Capitol Hill.

Bird said he wanted to make the film in a way that is “not too heavy” on the books and that he hopes audiences will enjoy the movie.

“I just want to make sure I’m not too heavy on the plot of the book, which is quite dense,” he said.

“That is the one thing I want to take away from the book is that Katnis world is not one-dimensional.

It doesn’t feel like it’s made up of one story.

It really does feel like two stories, and that is really interesting to me.”

Bird added that he had “very high hopes” of “making a movie about a dystopian future”.

“And so it’s very exciting, in a lot of ways, to make a movie like that because I think it’s really important to look at the world through a lens of what we know now, what we see, and what we want to be like, and so it is exciting for me, because it’s not just a story about the books.

The “The Matrix” trilogy, which has sold over three billion copies, has spawned many movies in the US. “

So it’s a story that is about a world that is not just one where everyone is forced into starvation, but a world which is really filled with people who are not starving, but who are working, and who are educated, and are thinking about their futures and are looking to the future.”

The “The Matrix” trilogy, which has sold over three billion copies, has spawned many movies in the US.

The first film in the series, released in 1996, was “Matrix Reloaded”, a futuristic take on the film franchise.

The second film, “Matrix: Reloaded”, was released in 2007, and in 2014, “The Last Matrix” was released.

Bird also said he would be interested in making a “realistic” version of the novel.

“My hope is that people will find it very appealing and that people might have a bit of a connection to the world and the characters and the world that we live in,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

You don’t have to watch the movie to know what’s going on, you don’t need to have a great understanding of what’s happening, but I would love to be involved in that.”

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