What to expect at St. Petersburg’s Prada Spring/Summer 2017 show

On the heels of the St. Pete-based designer’s new Spring/Fall 2017 collection, we caught up with stan to talk about the new looks, the St Petersburg show, and more.

Stylistically, the look is a continuation of what’s been happening at Prada since the brand’s rebranding a few years ago.

“Prada is a brand that is synonymous with the high fashion world,” said the designer.

“It is a statement of our identity and a symbol of our values.”

In his own words, “prada is the highest fashion brand in the world.”

St. Pete is a pretty diverse city, with the city’s growing Latino and Asian populations making it a prime location for Prada’s aesthetic.

“When I first moved here I was shocked by the amount of diverse people, especially when I first started working here.

I was amazed by the diversity in the community,” said stan.

“You will see people from every part of the world wearing the Prada brand.

We have people from all walks of life, and even some people that have never even worn Prada before.”

What we found in Prada this year is a reflection of the brand, not just in its design, but also in its mission.

“Prada strives to create a product that is not only timeless but also beautiful,” stan said.

“This year, the Pradas are celebrating their 30th anniversary by releasing a collection that is as timeless as they are beautiful.

We wanted to show that the Pradas are not just the fashion world’s most iconic brands but also a vibrant, diverse community.

The brand’s design has always been about the timeless.

This year, we wanted to give that timelessness back to our fans, who have been a part of our lives since our first collection was launched.”

What makes the collection different from previous Pradases is that it’s a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces.

“We chose a few pieces from the first collection as inspiration for the collection,” said tony stan, “but the most iconic piece was the iconic Prada logo, which is a beautiful symbol of pride and power.”

The collection is currently available at Stompers and on Prada.com.

It’s expected to hit retailers in late April.

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