UK women’s casual shoes market hits record levels in 2016

Retailers in the UK are reporting a record number of sales for their most fashionable and stylish footwear.

According to research by consultancy firm Nielsen, sales of women’s shoes and footwear increased by almost 5% to 2.34 million units in 2016, while men’s footwear sales rose by just 0.6% to 3.17 million units.

The growth was led by a significant increase in women’s footwear, which rose by 7% in 2016.

The average price of a women’s pair of running shoes rose by 9% to £5,904 ($7,879).

The most popular footwear for women, however, was still sneakers, with the average price for a pair of Adidas trainers rising by 7.9% to a whopping £2,927 ($3,872).

“We saw a lot of growth in women footwear, and particularly in women running shoes,” said Caroline Loo, managing director of market research at Nielsen.

“They’re the most fashionable shoe of the bunch and the most popular shoe for women.

We think that’s what has driven the increase in sales.”

Loo said the number of women and girls who wore running shoes has doubled since the Brexit vote, adding that the number buying these shoes is also on the rise.

“As the number goes up, the number gets bigger, which is what we’re seeing,” she said.

“There’s more people out there buying them, and that’s a good thing.”

While women’s footwear accounted for around 50% of the overall market, the market for men’s and women’s sneakers has seen a much bigger jump, with a 10% jump in women buying them and a 15% jump for men.

Loo expects the number in the market to continue to grow, with women’s shoe sales up 5% in the next year and the number for men up 5%.

“It’s very healthy for women’s fashion and footwear.

There’s an increasing number of girls and women who want to dress up, dress down,” she added.”

We’re seeing more men wearing casual shoes and more women wearing running shoes.”

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