Al Jazeera has a special investigation into the new fashion trends that are driving women’s bodies online

Women’s fashion online is exploding, with brands such as adidas’ Cloudfoam, and new products such as leather sneakers and womens shoes that look more like real women than the ones you see in the mall.

These trends are also changing how we talk about fashion and the media and how we think about ourselves, writes Al Jazeera’s Emma Dutton.

She will be speaking at the Digital Fashion Summit in London.

Al Jazeera: You were born and raised in India.

Are you a woman, a feminist, a consumer or something else?

Emma Dutchess: I was born in India and grew up in the States.

My family is Indian and my mum is Pakistani.

My mum is a textile and textile design student and she was a fashion designer for a number of years.

Al-Jazeera: How has this changed you?

Do you find that more and more brands are following trends?

Do women’s clothes have become more masculine, more masculine fashion, or is this just the way it is?

Emma: I think a lot of these trends have been in the forefront of fashion for a while, but they’re now in the midst of the mainstream, and people are going to buy them because they think they’re cool.

The way people dress and the way we wear our clothes are changing, but I think the trend of buying and wearing them is going to remain.

Al Jazeera: So what does this mean for you, the consumer?

Are you seeing more of what you’re used to seeing?


Aljazeera: I don’t know that the fashion industry has really changed.

It’s still very much about money and the fact that people want to buy things, but there are a lot more options for buying stuff.

We can buy things like socks online, but it’s a lot less glamorous, and there’s a big difference in how much money you’re getting.

There’s a huge difference between a shoe and a pair of jeans, and it’s not just about how much you spend.

It has a lot to do with the way you’re wearing the shoes.

I think people are very aware of the fact they’re getting more expensive and more expensive every year, but for most people, the only difference is that they’re wearing more clothes, not less clothes.

Al jazeera: In the UK, where you live, you have your own Twitter account and you’re very active on the site.

Do you think that’s a good thing, or do you think it’s something that could be better?

Emma, for me, I really don’t have a Twitter account, and so I’m really much more selective about what I do on my Twitter account.

If I’m doing something on the blog that’s really, really good, then that’s going to be a great example of it.

AlJazeera; So what do you hope people take away from your interview with Al Jazeera?

Emma.: What I hope people will take away is that the way that we look at women is changing, and that is a big shift in the world, which is why people want women’s clothing, because they want to feel more feminine and more beautiful, and I think women’s fashion has really, very much taken off in the last few years.

I really hope that people take that message across, because that’s why I started the fashion blog.

Al Jeans: Al-jeezys are handmade in India by one of our women, Emma Duttons mother.

They have an international reach and are the most admired in the industry.

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