How Dior created the ‘Dior girl’ brand

The story of how Dior was born is one of fashion’s great untold stories.

In 1957, the company that would become Dior — a German-American company founded in 1883 — started a new line of feminine clothing.

The line, called “Dior Girl,” was created in response to a desire for feminine style.

A few years later, Dior began to make fashion statements, including its own line of women’s dresses.

The brand has never quite succeeded at capturing the female imagination, but it’s become a fashion icon of its own.

The “Dress of Dior” is often worn as a throwback to the early 1930s.

The style of the 1940s is often compared to that of the 1950s, which was the heyday of couture.

The dress, made with cotton and silk, was designed by Dior’s design director, Henri-Claude Gaudin.

The original dress, which has a slim waist and a high neckline, is one that has been worn by every member of the Dior family for decades.

The modern version has been a staple of women from the 70s to the 1990s.

But the story of the dress isn’t over.

Dior has been producing more clothing since the 1990.

It started in the 1960s, and the line expanded as the Dora Milano Collection expanded from Milan to Paris.

In 2015, Dora’s was the first fashion house to unveil its own version of the iconic dress.

The new design was unveiled on March 7 at Dior Fashion Week in Milan.

“Dior has always been about fashion, but the dress was always the most important part of Dori,” said Margarita Tkacic, a professor of fashion history at the University of Maryland, who was part of the panel that designed the new dress.

Dior began with a strong idea: to create a dress that would appeal to women in every age.

It was an idea that resonated with young people, Tkacsic said.

It wasn’t just a fashion statement.

It had a message, a vision.

“It was a statement of women and their lives and aspirations,” she said.

“It was also a statement about the world.”

The original idea of Dora was to create an iconic fashion statement for women of all ages.

The original dress was created with cotton, silk and linen.

The fabric was cut in a classic straight line and sewn together using a seamstress.

It featured a curved skirt, which drew inspiration from the bodice of the bodysuit worn by Queen Victoria.

The modern version of Doria is now a staple in the pantheon of Doric fashion.

A black version is worn by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and former British prime minister Boris Johnson.

In 2010, Doria launched a new design for the collection, which features an altered bodice, a skirt with a longer skirt, and a shorter skirt with more detail.

The new dress, featuring a high collar, high back, and slimmer legs, was created by designer Elisa König.

It is the most detailed dress that Dior ever created, said Königs, a senior designer at the company.

The silhouette was based on a combination of the shapes of the original and new designs.

“For me, it’s a statement and an idea,” Königg said.

The Doria Collection also includes a new, contemporary design called the “Boudoir.”

This dress, designed by French designer Elisabeth-Bartolomei, is inspired by the silhouette of the body and a curvaceous figure.

The body is a modern silhouette with a round belly and wide hips, which draw inspiration from body shapes of Parisian and British fashion designers.

The skirt is made of lace and the bodices are decorated with lace and fabric.

The gown is made from wool and comes in a range of fabrics.

In 2017, Dori opened its first boutique, the boutique at Doria.

The boutique is located in a shopping mall on the outskirts of Paris, near a Dior store.

The opening was a big deal, said Marcie Proulx, a fashion consultant who owns Dori’s retail store.

“There’s a lot of buzz,” she added.

“There’s been a lot more awareness of the brand.”

Proulix said the new boutique will be a place where people can get the new look.

“The new Dior dress is going to be more interesting and more appealing to women,” she explained.

The boutique is set to open in 2019.

In 2018, DORA opened a second store in Paris, where Doria was headquartered.

It has more than 150 employees and a fleet of 30 vehicles, which makes it a top destination for women looking for a new style.

In a world of growing digital distractions, the “Doria Girl” is an important part in keeping women engaged and

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