How to tell a girl you’re dating an NBA star

On the heels of her success in the NBA, Kobe Bryant is in a unique position to show off his collection of sneakers.

And he’s not going to be shy about it.

He’s the face of the brand, a man who is constantly making people feel special and he is, in fact, an NBA player.

That’s the way he likes it.

When you are on a team, you’re trying to look cool, you have to have that Kobe look, and that Kobe style.

He is like a model.

The brand is going to look good on your feet.

But, as far as Kobe is concerned, he just likes his sneakers.

He doesn’t really care about how they look on a shoe.

He said he doesn’t think about that.

He just loves them, he loves sneakers.

If you like Kobe, you’ll love them.

The fact is, I like sneakers, too, but I can’t look at the shoe.

You can’t see the sneaker, I can see you.

It’s so much more comfortable than sneakers.

The shoes are a bit more expensive than the sneakers, but Kobe is the only person who is going out and buying them.

And if you look at his sneakers, you can see his Kobe look.

He is a big basketball fan, and he likes to play.

He loves the game, loves the players, loves being in the arena.

He has always been one of those guys who is always on the court, always playing, always making a difference.

And it’s a fun job, because you’re on the floor, and you can just go in and do whatever you want to do.

I’m not sure that I’m the type of person who can look at a shoe and say, I am in love with this shoe.

I am not the type.

But when I’m with a girl, I feel like I’m in love.

And you know, when I look at my feet, I’m like, I love my shoes.

You know?

It’s just like anything else in life, especially with sneakers.

Kobe has the most amazing collection of shoes.

And I like him a lot.

I just love Kobe.

He’s so cool.

He knows how to look great, and I really respect him, but you know he’s a guy who is so passionate about what he does.

He knows how the NBA works.

He goes to the gym, he works out, he plays basketball.

So, yeah, he is the type to go out there and have fun, have fun.

You will see the same Kobe style, with the sneakers.

It will just be fun to see.

I can’t wait to see what his collection looks like.

I love my sneakers.

They’re going to make me look cool.

I like the Kobe look with the Kobe sneakers.

I’m a big fan.

And we are going to have a great relationship.

I’ll be there with my family, and they are going the same.

So we’re going have a wonderful time.

It’ll be an amazing time.

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